About You

If you are looking for public relations counsel, here are some things to consider:

  • Look for seasoned counselors, ones who have been in both corporate and agency trenches throughout multiple campaigns.

  • Does the firm have a wide variety of work experience in numerous industries?

  • Can the firm draw upon its extensive network of communication professionals to assist you with any assignment?

  • Will there be hands-on senior level communicators dedicated to your business?

  • Is your account considered big or little business to the firm?

  • Are the public relations counselors accredited? Accredited PR professionals have demonstrated that they fully understand communication planning and strategy—critical elements in your success.

Great expectations

Let’s talk about how we might work well together. A client-agency relationship can be a special experience. That’s why we like forming long-term relationships with clients so we can operate as true business partners.


What works well is when you:

  • Make time for our relationship. Carve out regular time to interact with us and share your business stories. We want to feel a valued part of your team.

  • Are responsive. Let us know that our work together is important by keeping deadlines.

  • Can be candid. Don’t hold back; share your feelings about the way things are going. We want to have an opportunity to make corrections early so things stay on course.